About Us

The C.C.C.C. is one of the oldest philatelic exchange organizations in the world. Founded in 1947, the club assists members located throughout the world in finding contacts who share similar collecting interests, and to promote international friendships through the fun and interesting world of collectible stamps and covers.

To our members, the first “C” in the club’s name stands for “covers.” In philatelic terms, another name for an envelope. For some, the word cover conjures up exciting and beautifully handcrafted art covers, or similar First Day Covers, where the artwork applied to the face of the envelope augments and enhances the artwork borne on the postage stamp(s) themselves. Many of which are of interest to collectors topically. In other words, depictions of people, places or things that are of particular interest to the collector. Such as birds, wildlife, dolphins or other marine life, perhaps. Anything from aircraft to trains, from plants to flowers. Whatever the subject matter might be that interests you, just to name a few examples that can be collected — on cover.

Some covers may be event covers, bearing a special postmark on a specific day. Marking that special day’s meaning or the special activities observed, signified by the date of the postmark. Postmarks may even be enhanced pictorially, as well. Some enjoy just collecting covers with interesting postmarks alone. No matter what the stamp may show as it’s theme, or any associated cachet art.

And, usually, all covers bear interesting markings that get applied to them, one way or another, as they travel through the various postal authorities of the global mail stream. Making each piece coming to you from elsewhere in the world, a unique and interesting piece of postal history. Created especially for you!